Agrim Asthana

Agrim Asthana

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

In code there is poetry.

Passionate software engineer with a deep love for all things technology related. I'm characterised by my great drive, flexibility and a 'can do' attitude to top it off.

Published my first android app when I was just a teenager which hit 10k downloads and 1k active users.

I actively blog about projects I am working on, spanning the domains of IoT, Machine Learning, wearables and basic software engineering.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - SailPoint Technologies, Austin TX (2022 - present)

Senior Software Engineer working on Artificial Intelligence powered Identity and Access Management.

Software Engineer - CognitiveScale Inc, Austin TX (2015 - 2022)

Software Engineer working on Mission Critical, High volume production applications.

Software Engineering Intern - Watermark Insights, New York, New York (2015)

Full stack engineer working with Angular JS, Dotnet Framework and MS SQL server.

Software Engineer - M.E.R.I.T Global Inc., Newark, New Jersey (2014 - 2015)

Built Android and iOS apps.

Recent Projects

Hashmatch CLI Open Source

Created a CLI to compute various hash values for files and check directories for duplication.

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Sample Alexa skill Open Source

Building a sample alexa skill that does a set of tasks and incorporates 2FA authentication.

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Time series data analysis using spark Open Source

Estimating and predicting consumption patterns based on labelled and structured time series data.

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Dominant color detection using OpenCV Open Source

Using OpenCV and K-means clustering to determine the most prominant color in an image.

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